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March 26, 2008, 2:59 pm
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To quote from Lucas Scott (OTH)…
”Happiness comes in many the company of good friends, in the feeling you get when you make someone else’s dream come true, or in the promise of hope renewed.It’s okay to let yourself be happy because you never know how fleeting that happiness might be..”
A teeny weeny happiness that i felt and wanna share it to you people;) I do not intend to spill the beans my dear…tapi a lil’ bit,takpe kan sahabat-ku,hehehe;D
It was last Sunday,16th March, the moment sahabat-ku announced something that would totally absolutely surprised me and the rest in the car…but me,dah boleh agak sebenarnya apa yang nak diumumkan ;p The moment that i heard the great news… i was  truly happy and excited!!!! (^_^)!!!! To be honest, skarang pun, i mean,the time i was writing this post,masih terasa lagi kegembiraan itu…~OMEDETO NE~
BUT…truly cannot lie and deny that a bit of myself felt jealous and SAD ;(
LAME REASON : tak boleh nak lepak2 slalu…hangouts…bowling…karaoke’ing… always ;P  heheh! i know!! sebab musabab yang sangat naif,hihi! But don’t you agree???Once you get married, kurang la masa sket untuk bersama kawan2…sebab ade komitmen lain yang perlu ditumpukan selain kerja..
Well,apa pun…we’re still friends and nothing can stops us from doing our monthly hangouts, rite??;)
After the happy announcement,boleh pulak kawan lagi sorang tanya soklan yang sama to me..ahaha!!(Never ever asked the author,or else you’ll get the standard reply or she might be telling lies;p)
Owhhh..nearly forgot!! The MOST THRILLED PART was when i’d was offered to be part of the wedding(biarlah rahsia;p)…
am TRULY~ HONOURED  q^_^p   TQ!TQ!TQ! i’ll do my best!!!
**To sahabat-ku (you-know-who-u-are),moga semuanya berjalan lancar..AMINN…

March 13, 2008, 6:24 pm
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I bet that some of you people might have experienced this kind of scenario…….
Mine was, last year 2007,end of February, a friend of mine was surprised to see me.
‘Beb!ko ni tak makan ke ape?Ape yang ko dah buat?’.
To me, I didn’t see any big difference at all ;p ..Well,rasenye adela sikit.Anyway,she said that because we haven’t met for about 7~8 months, i guessed.And we met up for our galfrens v-kay at Langkawi Island. Just a couple of months after that, the receptionist back where i’d worked before told me that i had put on weight,huhu!! I just chuckled ;D Yer,memang tak dapat dinafikan.Baru je beberapa bulan keje situ. 
Hahaha! I blamed my boss.Sebab die selalu kasi tekanan,bebelan yang sememangnya cukup laser,end up.. me consuming vast quantities during my-supposed-to-be-happy-lunchie-hour combating the stressful working hour with a moody lady-boss.
Walau ape pun, jangan salahkan orang lain.Hihi…sebenarnya sendiri pun bersalah jgak kan;p Kurang bijak mengawal tekanan dan emosi semasa bekerja. If you watch ‘The Apprentice’(tak kesah la season mane pun) ,then you’ll know how Donald Trump runs his show. So professional,and i think i haven’t reach that type of level yet;p
Ahaaa,back to my topic before, i have to admit that i’m among the type that’s easily to put on weight ;D … Reaaaaaally takes time for me to gain back my ideal weight. They say ‘No Pain No Gain’,rite? No matter what and how you do it, for me what’s important is self-determination;) Tak semestinya korang kene buat liposuction atau laser surgeri etc..Hell!These kinda things makan duit dan telah terbukti tidak berkesan 100% pun..(cakap mcm tau je,padahal tak penah try pun ;p).
Why not try something that doesn’t burn your money so much? The easiest and cheapest way, have a brisk walk in the morning / evening or jogging or do some simple stretchings 😉 Ini contoh paling senang, yang penting nak atau tak nak.  Then, you have to control your appetite..take a balanced meal, and try to reduce the portion of food that you usually take. Contohnya,dari sepinggan nasi yang penuh tu,cuba kurangkan jadi separuh,ataupun satu cawan,cawan yang kite slalu serve nak minum teh atau kopi (bukan gelas atau mug ok;p).And try to consume more fibres and grains.
Above all that, i came across an article..about eating an apple,just one before meals could help you lose weight too.It’s true, but there is nothing magical about an apple.It does not change your metabolism or suck the fat out of your food. Ia membuatkan perut rasa kenyang dan terisi. Apples are low in calories, virtually fat-free, and full of filling fibre. So, the theory is that if you eat an apple before any meal, you are likely to eat less since you will become full faster;) 
Menakjubkan tak?;p Hihiii…It’s worth a try and no harm done;) Beli epal merah kat pasar malam, 8bijik lebih kurang rm10 je. Harga sebijik epal tertakluk pada kawasan;)
Go grab some red or green or any kind of apples at any nearby ‘pasar malam’s or supermarkets and try out this new diet;D
                                ~Rendang betik~                                                                   


                               ~Ikan jeruk goreng ~

**Congrats to Kak Azah & Lipan for d’birth of a baby-girl named,Sofia**

March 4, 2008, 9:56 am
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I was asked by my 15year old cousin last night, ‘Kak Ina,favourite japanese word u ape?’.I was busy looking through all my pics from my 5years old laptop,and she suddenly asked me that kind of question..hehe!Kenapa la budak ni tanya aku soklan macam ni;p
Out of the blue,she asked me question like that..
If in Japanese,she likes ‘Ahoo!’ which means fool. (Maksudnya memang kurang elok tapinya..).But if in English,she likes ‘horizon’ because the sound of the word itself when you pronounce it.(Saya hanya mampu tergelak kecil,hihi;p).Somehow, if Malay word,she likes ‘pelangi’.
As for me, if Japanese i like ‘mukatsuku’.Often use this word when am totally pissed off by something or somebody.Dalam erti kata lain,BENGANG.
I couldn’t think any of my favourite English and Malay word at that time.But as i woke up this morning, read an article and came across these words: ‘determination’ & ‘passion’ 😉 That’s it! Hihi,i like it;p They show and give some positive spirit (for me  laa;D).Bahasa Melayu plak,i like ‘anjakan paradigma’..Jangan tanya kenapa;p For me it sounds intellectual,hehe!
So,what’s your favourite word-perkataan-kotoba?;)