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..What I did last weekend..
April 24, 2008, 4:05 pm
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Phewww!! dah lame tak update;p..and it’s nearly weekend!!..
~19th April ’08~
Time: Noon till 3.30pm, Venue : Jalan TAR,KL.
Bridal shopping with Fieza (whose getting married soon;) yeayyy!!)..Yong (nun dari Utara yg sanggup turun KL sebab dia pun nak shopping baju nak pakai pi kenduri kawen;D)..Nyorq and not to forget,Nabe..indeed it was really FUN! Especially when browsing the materials and garments(barula tau satin,organza,dan satin pulak ade jenis2 die lagi,crepe la, etc.)..BUT i couldn’t deny myself that i did feel a lil bit tired,and to my surprise..i did yawn quite a few times,hehe;D..Even tho it’s not me whose going to walk down the aisle, tapi still terase penat..bukan penat berjalan,penat tengok kain! too many choices,and of course the range of prices differ..based on the quality of the garment itself, BRAND!!!, nama kedai;p..Orang yang nak kawennya,toksah cakapla..for sure terasa penat(heheh,kan Fieza?;p)..Syukur ada kawan2 yang memang arif bab pilih2 kain ni..THANX to Nyorq,Yong & Nabe;)
Time: around 5pm till midnite, Venue: Ingress Auto BMW, Damansara.
Head to Sunway,joined my photo-buddy to Ingress Auto BMW. Member ajak,pegi jela kan;D (bleh la nak belajar sket2,as a back-up since his close buddy tengah mengelupur aritu;p)..The owner are launching the new showroom and held its first official opening ceremony. It started around 7pm,with the guests arrival and VVIPs.Macam biasala, ade n drinks:yummylicious! and all went WELL!..Takmo citer panjang lebar…Let those piccies tell u the story  q(^_^)p





~20th April ’08~
Borak-borak santai at kopitiam inside Berjaya Times Square before sent off Yong to Puduraya and finally, headed back to Kajang;)
Enjoy ur coming weekend peeps !!(^_<)!!

April 14, 2008, 3:15 pm
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(:…仕事…カメラ ~カシャカシャ~…:)


 **sori ler..tetibe rase nak nulih dlm base jepun,heheh;p **