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….a few quick updates…(^o^)p
July 29, 2008, 4:07 am
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Wowiiieeee…i’ve been hiatus like 3months(if am not mistaken), well i meant my blog,hehehe;D  Okies, here’s a quick one for the past few months….
1. Early May ’08..been to OU, suka2 amik gambar Fashion On1..and on the 2nd day that i went to..the offer of the Xixili shopping voucher tempted me into answering one of the simple questions given(bace je jawapan die dari MC’s card ;p)..But..i had to do the catwalk on the runway FIRST!!! Was i lucky enough or what?? hahaha!!..dan voucher itu telah selamat dibelanjakan ;D

2. Have this kinda of thing ever happens to YOU(mereka yg bekerja Isnin~Jumaat)?!! Rase2nye ade segelintir yang pernah mengalami situasi sebegini..its not a go to sleep on Friday nite, and wake up the next morning which is Saturday (hari untuk berlibur atau bersantai utk mereka yg bekerja 5hari seminggu; ur the one who have the office’s key) ..and u realized that ur late for work..
”Alamakk! dah kol 6.30, masuk kol7 ni,mane sempat dah nak sampai ofis by 7..Arghhh!!” .It happened to me ;p..dalam keadaan mamai tu, sempat lagi pikir nk pakai baju ape, sempat lagi plan nk buat ape sampai ofis nanti : have to call Nagai-san etc..and finally it came to my mind, ”Hey!! arini Sabtu daaa..jum sambung tido balik..hihi!!” ..and i’ve told this to my my-just-get-married friend (she was engaged at that time)..and she said,”Hahah! Rina, sampai mcm tu skali ke? Shigoto byouki(work-sickness) da..;p”
Yeahh..i guessed so..shigoto byouki ka..(>_<);
3. And this month (it’s almost August ;p)..attended some of friends’ weddings..and some that i couldn’t attend to..BELATED CONGRATULATIONS yea ;)..
Fieza & Deen, Ieja & Hubby, Sofiyyah & Hubby, Anis & Hubby…owhh,yea..congrats to Abg Din & wifey for their new-born baby few months ago..
4. Finally..can’t wait this Friday ;P ~KEDAH~HERE I COME~ 😉 its FRUITS SEASON..nyummm,nyummm!!
Well..that’s it for now..have to eat my medicine and to have a nice rest;) Ciao!!
***Ayin dear,will do the tag later yea,hehhe! ko nye tag memerlukan daya pemikiran yg bernas sket;p