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~day(and nite)-dreaming~ ;p
January 4, 2009, 6:39 am
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It’s cloudy today,and i’m damn BORED!!…so,mulalah berangan-angan;p …of having to own this and that,ngeeeheehee! Yesss,i like to day(and nite)-dreaming(who doesn’t?:p),whenever i’ve got nothing left to do..Hmm,i’m keen to purchase these items lenses,but i’m aware of myself that they will (and of course!) EXCEED my budget laa ;(



Canon EF100mm f/2.8 USM Macro                                                    



Have tested played around with some of the lenses above..memang BEST! dats why la, am dreaming and planning to own those,if not, ONE of them;D Yeah, yang kaler kelabu tu, sangat best! I SWEAR!!! but i have to admit,its quite heavy..but i adore IT!!:) yang lagi 2 bawah tu, actually they are macro lens, canon n tamron..both are good,i heard..i’ve tried on tamron only..all i can say,it was good and affordable compare to canon one..     
Bukan setakat lens je,i’ve other items that i’d wished to get,but then the list will go on and on..
NEVER-ENDING 🙂                                                                      
Well,anyhow…its no point jugak kalo berangan tapi tak berusaha kan!I have to start saving n saving and work smart to earn more,so dat i can get what i want;D
Have a pleasant weekend,people (^_^)p



::Salam 2009,Salam Hijrah 1430::
January 2, 2009, 4:23 am
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It’s 2009 already,people! Aishh,my last post was on October,LOL;p it has been 2months hiatus..Nway, thank you to my dear friends for their concerns..thank you for your calls and SMSes..i’m fine and doing good for the past 2 months laa,hehe! 
Wanna wish you all,‘Happy New Year,2009’..Hope this year will bring more joys and HAPPY~ness in your life (and my goodself la, of course ;p)..                                         
Well,what are my 2009’s resolutions and wishes(???)…hmm;
1. of course,to be happier n happier…stay fit and healthy,
2. to have a nice conversation  with nice and good people,
3. to learn more in photography techniques,
4. go for any overseas trip;p..might be Japan(skali lagik),europe,new zealand..the list would go on,hahah!
5. to have enough sleep ;D
…..dan banyakkk lagi 😉
Above all that, i am so grateful that am still alive and blessed with my lovely family and good friends around me..Alhamdulillah, praise to Allah the Almighty..
p/s: thanks to those who’d have dropped by and left some comments! best wishes to ALL  q^_^p