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February 25, 2009, 2:16 pm
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1. My early morning filled with laughter …
A***: Rina, u remember M****I? She worked here before u joined in. Then, M’sia was on public holiday at that time,due to election thingy. And she said to me, ”A***, M’sia is holiday today..ERECTION DAY!”
F******: Haa???!!! (sambil gelak besar berterusan:p)
Me: Haa???!!(oso,with surprised look, then continued with gelak besar jugakla,tapi lebih bersopan:D)
R***: Hahaha, kiterang memang tak tahan gelak punye!!
A***: Yeah! we’re like…”What?!! Doesn’t she realize she’s saying it wrongly”
Geli hati betul! Sampai sakit perut gelak,hahaha!
2. My right ankle..or to be more precise,above the arched part is still not fully recovered:( I’ve decided to start jogging today after walk and to jog uphill is OK,but it was terribly painful when it comes to downhill part. 
3. I’m HAPPY..HAPPY..HAPPY !!! Finally my VS package arrived today.Yeayy!:) Selalunye makan mase 2minggu,tapi kali ni cepat betul sampai.I’m satisfied,and i LIKE them!!
4. Happy Birthday to Mak  (^_^) Alhamdulillah, she’s 56 today. May Allah blessed her and our family.
5. Can hardly wait to own 70-200 f/2.8 ;D…well,actually haven’t decided yet..either f/4.0 (which is much cheaper la) OR f/2.8,and of course with IS.
6. My sis-in-law SMS’ed me if i’m interested to join a trip to Jakarta this coming April.Hmm..interesting! Mau joinla 🙂 Tambang pun murah,to-and-fro -> rm82!! Apatah lagi kain lace murah2 dan banyak choice kat sana.Bolehla berpoya2 dan bershopping sakan,hihihi:D
7. I’m a big fan of American Idol,takkan miss punye,hehehe!..tapi malam ni takde plak! kenape ye??
8. Was checking my hotmail..inbox filled with lotsa emails from Rakuten.Stumbled upon this cake (see below pic)..natsukashii na~!^^!  sangat suke kek ni..back in Fukui,i used to buy them whenever i go to COPA or APITA. New York style cheese cake baked in a large rectangular ‘loyang’ and then cut into a stick size,with biscuit based(they are sticked together by just using  butter).YUMMYLICIOUS! So far, tak pernah lagi jumpe kek mcm ni kat sini.Ke dah ade??


9. My ex-roomie back in UM is getting married in 2weeks time. And my bff  is coming oso to her reception which will be held at Dewan Tabung Haji.Can’t wait,can’t wait!! Can catch up 2gether-gether:)
10. Looking forward this coming July…InsyaAllah,if everything goes well,aminnn:)

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