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..i was emotionLESS on the outside..
May 24, 2009, 4:31 pm
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1. When the interviewer told me n another interviewee, that they won’t accept any applicants who have studied abroad, and it’s their policy..sighed,deep down inside, i was truly frustrated (-_-). Saya tanak bagitau institusi mane, tapi itulah polisi mereka 😦 ”Ini special case, tapi saya panggil jugak kamu untuk interview.Saya kesian kat kamu, result bagus dah (dalam ati,cukup2 makan je tu,ihihihi;p)..Saya memang tak boleh buat apa2, apa yang saya boleh advise is, awak cuba buat surat rayuan dulu”..
Naaaah, should i write one??Hmm, i’ve waited my turn for about 5hours tauu!!! (-_-)..siap terlena lagi, and turned out, it took only 15-20mins to end. 
2.  When people asking me when i’m gonna get married whenever i attend any wedding receptions. I’ve my well-prepared answer tho,ngeheheh ;p Friends who know me well, would know what’s my status and they won’t dare to pissing me off with that kind of question. Afterall..ini soalan standard, sume org akan tanya,hehehe;p
BUT…I wasn’t emotionLESS when i dropped by at Yanna’s crib to say hello to her lil twin(’twas 2weeks ago). They are sooooo cute and cuddly!! 🙂 Wished i have a baby,hihihi ^_^p 

smiling irah

lil feet

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talking ’bout opportunities..
May 4, 2009, 3:31 pm
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1. A year ago..i’ve been offered to go for an interview to work abroad (well, back then i was interested to have a go for it^_^) but then,when the agent told me that if u’re hired, u’ll have to prepare all the necessary stuffs laa (iaitu passport, visa etc..) in 2 weeks time (sangat cepat ok! dan masa tu, baru je balik sini for good..nak la rilek2 dulu kan,heheh;p)..Plus, the job task itself is more to color-related stuff,and yes i dunno which factory yet (if u don’t confirm yet whether to say ‘yes’ for the interview,the agent won’t reveal whom u’ll be working with).The reason i was thrilled,heheh..because of the job task itself:)  saya sgt suka pada warna!! But,alas…pikir punye pikir..i’ve to say ‘No’. Apela kan! Tapi takpela, ade hikmah sebenarnye  kan^_^ 
2. Ever since, i came back here for good:).. i started to buy a DSLR (back then,gune compact camera je:p.. 3mega pixel,LOL!!!).. also,getting to know a few camera friends. Apart learning a bit from them,i tried learning it..IT meaning learn to know technically,how-to, etc by MYSELF..from where? Of course, Google and other Photography sites:) OK,let’s get back to the main point,hahaha! Ounis, my senior has requested me (yess,me!!) to be his official photographer for groom’s was held at bandar Jengka. I took his offer,and it means that i dare to take this opportunity,try to expand my skill and knowledge (below are few pics for your pleasure view ^_^). Hmm,well,please be acknowledged that i’m still a novice photographer, lotsa to learn..especially in art of directing people..”Ounis,pose mcm ni, Yana..senyum manja ok,rilek..jgn nmpk gigi,” blablabla n so on ;p ..I only shoot wedding if you want me to be your wedding photographer:) far, i don’t do it as my part-time la..why?there’s lots of reasons..and i’m not going to list them all down here,hehe! To be honest, this is my 3rd job..the 1st one was my Srikandi friend (which is, i have to admit to myself..the output was not really inspiring,but..hey!it’s ur first time gal..u’ve got to be proud of it..heheh!),and 2nd one,Srikandi friend also..her engagement day(not bad tho!):) See.. i told ya!! saya hanya amik wedding untuk kawan2 yang saya knal je:p..but if you want to, u can contact me for further details,hahaha ^_^p








3. Owhh, i took the GOLDEN opportunity not to work on the 4th till 6th May,heheh! (amik cuti la,bukannye ponteng keje)..Jangan jeles,ok! Why?sebabnye..i’ve been working on Public Holidays early this year till Labour Day!Don’t be surprised lorr;p I support Japan mainly, and they’re on leave’s Golden Week.. Ape itu Golden Week? pegi Google la,hehe! i’m lazy to write and explain it here;p I’m not going anywhere else pun..i’d spent my weekend with my galfrens and their kids too…kak long n his lil bro,puya n baby ammar & aya n baby aryan ^_^ at Ikea,borak2..Sunday? watched Wolverine with kak fida n the gang:) Monday 4th…rilek~!!! till 6th,yeayyyy!!! owhh, gotta go pick up Ounis’s wedding printouts and album..hehe! 
 Kesimpulannye kan…grab all the opportunities while u can,heheh! but one at a time..jangan tamak haloba ;p
*Note that, from now on, i’m gonna write in form of snippets,ala-ala CheDet:)..easier, plus i’m not real good in writing long essay,heheh!..cerita pendek would be just nice for me,who is damn lazy to updating her blog..