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..i was emotionLESS on the outside..
May 24, 2009, 4:31 pm
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1. When the interviewer told me n another interviewee, that they won’t accept any applicants who have studied abroad, and it’s their policy..sighed,deep down inside, i was truly frustrated (-_-). Saya tanak bagitau institusi mane, tapi itulah polisi mereka 😦 ”Ini special case, tapi saya panggil jugak kamu untuk interview.Saya kesian kat kamu, result bagus dah (dalam ati,cukup2 makan je tu,ihihihi;p)..Saya memang tak boleh buat apa2, apa yang saya boleh advise is, awak cuba buat surat rayuan dulu”..
Naaaah, should i write one??Hmm, i’ve waited my turn for about 5hours tauu!!! (-_-)..siap terlena lagi, and turned out, it took only 15-20mins to end. 
2.  When people asking me when i’m gonna get married whenever i attend any wedding receptions. I’ve my well-prepared answer tho,ngeheheh ;p Friends who know me well, would know what’s my status and they won’t dare to pissing me off with that kind of question. Afterall..ini soalan standard, sume org akan tanya,hehehe;p
BUT…I wasn’t emotionLESS when i dropped by at Yanna’s crib to say hello to her lil twin(’twas 2weeks ago). They are sooooo cute and cuddly!! 🙂 Wished i have a baby,hihihi ^_^p 

smiling irah

lil feet

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huh??x penah dgr aku ader orh wat policy mcm tu..huhu..takpe rina..insyaAllah ader rezeki kt tmpt lain.. 🙂

Comment by zue

zue:aku pun xsangke gak,dierg ade policy mcm tu >_< maybe,just for my course??well,its okla,rilek2 dulu,heheh! maleh plak nk buat surat rayuan ;p

Comment by luvdelico

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