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~kepenatan..tetapi hati tetap girang dan seronok ^_^~
June 21, 2009, 4:16 pm
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1. Yeaa, saya baru balik dari Penang arini. Saja mahu bertukar angin dan matlamat utamanya adalah untuk menghadiri majlis resepsi Umi dan Irfan 🙂 Mereka sangat comel, Umi sangat lawa! Irfan pulak sangat cool!I’ll upload the pics later…
2. Walaupun secara fizikalnya tengah penat, hati masih dan tetap girang,ihihi 🙂 Kenapa? Sebab dapat bertemu rakan taulan di Penang..lepak2, jalan2, makan2…shopping 🙂 thank u Yong, Neynarre, Cik Yang and Peah ^^
3. Hati berbunga2 bile rakan skolah rendah menegur saya di stesen komuter kajang setelah sekian lama tidak bertemu 😛 ihihihi, memang sangat penat..bahu terasa letih sebab menggalas begpack,tangan kiri menjinjing beg kamera, tangan kanan beg laptop pulak (-_-)…hmm, i’ll buy one that could fit my lappy n camera too someday (in the future),insyaAllah:) Owh, back to the main point..kenapakah hati berbunga2? heheh, sebab die adalah my long time ”crush”..tak sangka plak bertemu dan bertegur sapa di stesen komuter kajang, even tho we’re living in the same area :p
Last but not least, eventho i’m not celebrating it today or in the future..still wanna wish, ”Selamat Hari Bapa” kepada bapa2 sekalian dan yang bakal menjadi bapa kelak ^_^

well,today was not a real UMPHH day for me (-_-)..
June 6, 2009, 5:50 pm
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1. I totally forgot to close my fuel tank’s lid, (it completely slipped my mind after i took off the nozzle)..also, the pump attendant (in my opinion) was not really friendly enough like the other pump stations i’ve been to before 😦 what i meant was not really friendly is, no greeting at all, and yeah, no smiley greeting face. Haishh, no, i don’t and won’t blame him. (Kalau la aku dah siap2 isi minyak smlm lg before gi Jenjarum arini..sure this won’t happen).My mind was like OOF~OutOfFocus, it’s not where it was supposed to be..felt like it has slipped into another world. I’ve lost my concentration (at this point)…
Thank you to an uncle whose driving a Mercedes. He was honking his car from my left side, and at first i thought he was gonna overtake me (i was like…laaa, nak potong, potong jela..apsal nak hon2 keter plak..dah la tu, potong ikut tepi jalan).I was on the left side of the road at that time. He was kind enough in his own way to warn me 😉  
2.  Hmm, how i’m gonna write’s more to when ur working with customer..we (my customer and I)both must co-operate with each other, no matter what it is..if a customer is not co-operative at all, i just feel incomplete towards my job, and seriously, i don’t like forcing people..Oh, well!! Lesson’s learnt ;p Abang Din, thank you for listening(errr..reading to be precise,heheh, it’s tru our YM chat) and will keep that advice in mind (^^)
3.  All of a sudden, my car rang its alarm sound after i turned off the ignition key ;p (Humm, sebenarnye tak tau ape puncanye).At first, i wasn’t aware it was mine, but after i got out from the car, and at that point..”Eh, laaa..keter aku rupenye”…hahah! i’m totally blur and tired (plus, a lil bit embarassed ;D) after driving back from Jenjarum today.Of course, people who were dining at KFC Balakong (yess, tetibe rase nak mkn KFC time tu,heheh:D), their eyes were all focused to my car, ihihihi 🙂 Why? cause, the noisy alarm sounded for like a few minutes,lol! I wasn’t sure enough, how it’d happened..
All i know is that..i was totally calm, and just relaxed, trying to figure out how to stop the alarm,heheh;p It lasted for like 5mins ( i guessed so ;p). Yet, they still keep looking at me when i made my entrance to the KFC..I don’t care, as long as i could have my KFC-dinner tonite 😉

IMG_2570 copy copy

Haishhhh!! I hope and wished that; tomorrow’s gonna be a better day..insyaAllah 🙂
~Just take one step at a time~
Enjoy ur Sunday everyone ^_^p