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February 22, 2009, 3:58 am
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I did this because..i had FUN!! <– see Rules no.6 !^_^! (sebenarnye telah di-tag oleh Mizot dari Facebook)
So,anyone who happens to read this post and have nothing to do at all (or while waiting ur pics uploaded in Flickr etc.), do kill an hour or so by doing this tag 😉
1. Put your iTunes,Windows Media Player, etc. on shuffle.
2. For each question,press the next button to get your answer.
4. Tag 10 friends.
5. Everyone tagged has to do the same thing.
IF SOMEONE SAYS ‘ARE YOU OKAY’ YOU SAY?                                                                                                                                                             Kekasih Gelapku – Ungu
HOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE YOURSELF?                                                                                                                                                                     The Pieces Don’t Fit Anymore – James Morrison <- Huhhh??!
WHAT DO YOU LIKE IN A GUY/GIRL?                                                                                                                                                                              恋文~Koibumi – Every Little Thing <- (^_^)p
HOW DO YOU FEEL TODAY?                                                                                                                                                                                               Run – Leona Lewis <- yeah,maybe ;p
WHAT IS YOUR LIFE’S PURPOSE?                                                                                                                                                                                     Mirage – Pesawat <- ohohoho!!
WHAT’S YOUR MOTTO?                                                                                                                                                                                                       Demi Waktu – Ungu <- ni mmg bagus
WHAT DO YOUR FRIENDS THINK OF YOU?                                                                                                                                                                    Just Stand Up – Various Artist
WHAT DO YOUR PARENTS THINK OF YOU?                                                                                                                                                                    Pari-Pari Bawah Angin – Meet Uncle Hussain <- pari-pari??? cuteee 🙂
WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT VERY OFTEN?                                                                                                                                                                 Laskar Pelangi – Nidji <- warna-warni 🙂
WHAT DO YOU THINK OF YOUR BEST FRIEND?                                                                                                                                                            Dibius Cinta – Melly Goeslaw feat. Yusry KRU
WHAT IS YOUR LIFE STORY?                                                                                                                                                                                             Cinta Dalam Hati – Ungu <- owhhhhhhh!!!
WHAT DO YOU WANT TO BE WHEN YOU GROW UP?                                                                                                                                                    Di sampingmu – The Divine Masters <- perhaps,di samping my future beloved hubby,hehehe:)
WHAT DO YOU THINK WHEN YOU SEE THE PERSON YOU LIKE?                                                                                                                               Hate That I Love You – Rihanna feat. Ne-Yo
WHAT WILL/DID YOU DANCE TO AT YOUR WEDDING?                                                                                                                                               Decode – Paramore <- cool song:)have to think the choreography,hehe!
WHAT WILL THEY PLAY AT YOUR FUNERAL?                                                                                                                                                              A Little Too Not Over You – David Archuletta
WHAT IS YOUR HOBBY/INTEREST?                                                                                                                                                                                 Tercipta Untukku – Ungu
WHAT IS YOUR BIGGEST FEAR?                                                                                                                                                                                       Too Little Too Late – Jojo
WHAT IS YOUR BIGGEST SECRET?                                                                                                                                                                                   Superhuman – Chris Brown feat. Keri Hilson
WHAT DO YOU WANT RIGHT NOW?                                                                                                                                                                                 Teardrops On My Guitar – Taylor Swift <- uishh, i’d preferred the guitar instead of teardrops 😀
WHAT DO YOU THINK OF YOUR FRIENDS?                                                                                                                                                                    Rehab – Rihanna <- hahaha!!!
WHAT WILL YOU POST THIS AS?                                                                                                                                                                                      Always Be My Baby – Mariah Carey <- sweeetttt:) 

~18th February~
February 18, 2009, 5:46 pm
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As soon as colleague R stepped in to the office, took his seat and while chit-chatting with colleague A….
Colleague R : Eh,Rina! Baru teringat ni..semalam ade sorang user M’sia call la..mase tu rina balik dah..
Me : Owhh! Pasal isu ape yea? Isu LN ke?
Colleague R : I asked him,”How can i help u sir?”…die cakap nak cakap ngan rina gak..
Me : Hmm..user tu melayu ke,chinese ke, indian?Die ade bagitau name die ape tak?
Colleague R : Tak ingatla name die ape..dengar macam melayu, tapi speaking la..i said to him,”I’m sorry sir,but she has left the office already”..bile tanye die, ade ape2 yang boleh dibantu..die cakap takpela..then, die trus hung up..hahaha! rina ade peminat rupenye..
Colleague A : Ohooo, Rina!! Looks like u have a fan..hehehe! Which user have u been treated nicely yea??heheh!
Me :  U laaa!! (smiling)
My mobile rang few times, and there was 2missed calls..(i dun recognized d’number since its not listed in my mobile phonebook)..might be someone la,so i just pick-up the 3rd calls.
Rupe2nye aDP..last time i met aDP was last year i guessed. The funny thing is, i was blurred the moment i pick-up the call..
Me : Helo,nak cakap ngan sape?
aDP : sape yea? (<– pantang sungguh kalau orang yang call saye, tapi terus start with this kind of conversation!)
Me : Err,nak cakap ngan sape yea? Salah nombor kot..
aDP : Tak..bleh tau tak sape ni?
Me : (i gave up) Ni Rina..
aDP : Ahaaa, Rina!! knal tak ni? aDPolo la ni…(<– memang sah die ingat2 lupe name orang,hahah!)
Me : Laaa! ingatkan sape la tadi..(gelak besar;p)
So, perbualan diteruskan..bermula dari karier sekarang dan akan datang,and also future plan..and after talking with aDP, i realized that i still have the passion and interest in what i’ve learned for the past 2years..oops,3years;) Cuma takde peluang lagi nak sambung.aDP advised, try and go for it!! dan kalau bleh sambung,insyaAllah.. aDP and his friends are alwiz here, if i need any guidance or to ask anything related..Just call him,if anything.
Thx a lot aDP!! Ganbarimasu !^_^!

~day(and nite)-dreaming~ ;p
January 4, 2009, 6:39 am
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It’s cloudy today,and i’m damn BORED!!…so,mulalah berangan-angan;p …of having to own this and that,ngeeeheehee! Yesss,i like to day(and nite)-dreaming(who doesn’t?:p),whenever i’ve got nothing left to do..Hmm,i’m keen to purchase these items lenses,but i’m aware of myself that they will (and of course!) EXCEED my budget laa ;(



Canon EF100mm f/2.8 USM Macro                                                    



Have tested played around with some of the lenses above..memang BEST! dats why la, am dreaming and planning to own those,if not, ONE of them;D Yeah, yang kaler kelabu tu, sangat best! I SWEAR!!! but i have to admit,its quite heavy..but i adore IT!!:) yang lagi 2 bawah tu, actually they are macro lens, canon n tamron..both are good,i heard..i’ve tried on tamron only..all i can say,it was good and affordable compare to canon one..     
Bukan setakat lens je,i’ve other items that i’d wished to get,but then the list will go on and on..
NEVER-ENDING 🙂                                                                      
Well,anyhow…its no point jugak kalo berangan tapi tak berusaha kan!I have to start saving n saving and work smart to earn more,so dat i can get what i want;D
Have a pleasant weekend,people (^_^)p


::Salam 2009,Salam Hijrah 1430::
January 2, 2009, 4:23 am
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It’s 2009 already,people! Aishh,my last post was on October,LOL;p it has been 2months hiatus..Nway, thank you to my dear friends for their concerns..thank you for your calls and SMSes..i’m fine and doing good for the past 2 months laa,hehe! 
Wanna wish you all,‘Happy New Year,2009’..Hope this year will bring more joys and HAPPY~ness in your life (and my goodself la, of course ;p)..                                         
Well,what are my 2009’s resolutions and wishes(???)…hmm;
1. of course,to be happier n happier…stay fit and healthy,
2. to have a nice conversation  with nice and good people,
3. to learn more in photography techniques,
4. go for any overseas trip;p..might be Japan(skali lagik),europe,new zealand..the list would go on,hahah!
5. to have enough sleep ;D
…..dan banyakkk lagi 😉
Above all that, i am so grateful that am still alive and blessed with my lovely family and good friends around me..Alhamdulillah, praise to Allah the Almighty..
p/s: thanks to those who’d have dropped by and left some comments! best wishes to ALL  q^_^p

hmmm..alahaiii rinaaa ;(
October 5, 2008, 10:40 am
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arini rina berasa sangat ‘down’…ataupun orang kata melancholia'(??)…tapi kalau ikutkan kamus, maksudnya sedih tanpa sebarang sebab-musabab…yang pastinya rina akui, ada pelbagai sebab-musababnya..haishhh,biarlah rina…sekali-sekala layan blues;p
macam-macam yang bermain di benak fikiran…tak terluah,tak tertulis…yang pastinya, malam semalam adalah punca segalanya…                                                            
..and the seductive night really fooled her into thinking that everything is going to be OK the next day..  
malangnya,rasa ‘down’ itu berjangkit sampai ke hari ini…ikutkan hati mau lupakan seberapa boleh…tapi tak terdaya jua;(…rina tewas dengan permainan minda dan hatinya sendiri…pun begitu,rina akur dengan jawapannya dan redha akan ketentuan-Nya…                                      
namun jauh di sudut hati, ada terdetik rasa ‘happy’…kenapa ‘happy’ ???…hehehe!rina tanak kasi tau..walau apa pun,rina dah mula tanamkan dalam hatinya…jangan terlalu berharap pada apa-apa sekali pun…yang penting selalu lah berdoa pada Allah Yang Maha Berkuasa ke atas segala sesuatu;)…
jadi,salah satu cara untuk menceriakan semula diri rina…supaya tak berjangkit sampai ke esok hari…apa yang rina selalu akan buat??…jeng!jeng!jeng!…
memang dah tabiatnya…kalau rasa ‘down’ ke,tertekan ke,bengang ke,putus cinta ke(hihihi;D)…rina akan pergi ke kedai gunting rambut,dan menggunting rambutnya…hehehe! dengan cara ini saja lah,rina akan berasa puas,sepuas-puasnya!! (^_^)v
yeahhhh! rina sudah kembali ‘happy’,sekurang-kurangnya sedikit pun jadila kan;D..ALHAMDULILLAH;) Mudah-mudahan esok lebih baik dan ceria dari hari ini, AMINNN…
Di kesempatan ini, rina ingin mengucapkan Salam Aidilfitri..Maaf zahir & batin…kepada semua muslimin & muslimat..Ohhh well, rina really has to pen-off now, ada kerja yang perlu disiapkan secepat mungkin…

….a few quick updates…(^o^)p
July 29, 2008, 4:07 am
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Wowiiieeee…i’ve been hiatus like 3months(if am not mistaken), well i meant my blog,hehehe;D  Okies, here’s a quick one for the past few months….
1. Early May ’08..been to OU, suka2 amik gambar Fashion On1..and on the 2nd day that i went to..the offer of the Xixili shopping voucher tempted me into answering one of the simple questions given(bace je jawapan die dari MC’s card ;p)..But..i had to do the catwalk on the runway FIRST!!! Was i lucky enough or what?? hahaha!!..dan voucher itu telah selamat dibelanjakan ;D

2. Have this kinda of thing ever happens to YOU(mereka yg bekerja Isnin~Jumaat)?!! Rase2nye ade segelintir yang pernah mengalami situasi sebegini..its not a go to sleep on Friday nite, and wake up the next morning which is Saturday (hari untuk berlibur atau bersantai utk mereka yg bekerja 5hari seminggu; ur the one who have the office’s key) ..and u realized that ur late for work..
”Alamakk! dah kol 6.30, masuk kol7 ni,mane sempat dah nak sampai ofis by 7..Arghhh!!” .It happened to me ;p..dalam keadaan mamai tu, sempat lagi pikir nk pakai baju ape, sempat lagi plan nk buat ape sampai ofis nanti : have to call Nagai-san etc..and finally it came to my mind, ”Hey!! arini Sabtu daaa..jum sambung tido balik..hihi!!” ..and i’ve told this to my my-just-get-married friend (she was engaged at that time)..and she said,”Hahah! Rina, sampai mcm tu skali ke? Shigoto byouki(work-sickness) da..;p”
Yeahh..i guessed so..shigoto byouki ka..(>_<);
3. And this month (it’s almost August ;p)..attended some of friends’ weddings..and some that i couldn’t attend to..BELATED CONGRATULATIONS yea ;)..
Fieza & Deen, Ieja & Hubby, Sofiyyah & Hubby, Anis & Hubby…owhh,yea..congrats to Abg Din & wifey for their new-born baby few months ago..
4. Finally..can’t wait this Friday ;P ~KEDAH~HERE I COME~ 😉 its FRUITS SEASON..nyummm,nyummm!!
Well..that’s it for now..have to eat my medicine and to have a nice rest;) Ciao!!
***Ayin dear,will do the tag later yea,hehhe! ko nye tag memerlukan daya pemikiran yg bernas sket;p

..What I did last weekend..
April 24, 2008, 4:05 pm
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Phewww!! dah lame tak update;p..and it’s nearly weekend!!..
~19th April ’08~
Time: Noon till 3.30pm, Venue : Jalan TAR,KL.
Bridal shopping with Fieza (whose getting married soon;) yeayyy!!)..Yong (nun dari Utara yg sanggup turun KL sebab dia pun nak shopping baju nak pakai pi kenduri kawen;D)..Nyorq and not to forget,Nabe..indeed it was really FUN! Especially when browsing the materials and garments(barula tau satin,organza,dan satin pulak ade jenis2 die lagi,crepe la, etc.)..BUT i couldn’t deny myself that i did feel a lil bit tired,and to my surprise..i did yawn quite a few times,hehe;D..Even tho it’s not me whose going to walk down the aisle, tapi still terase penat..bukan penat berjalan,penat tengok kain! too many choices,and of course the range of prices differ..based on the quality of the garment itself, BRAND!!!, nama kedai;p..Orang yang nak kawennya,toksah cakapla..for sure terasa penat(heheh,kan Fieza?;p)..Syukur ada kawan2 yang memang arif bab pilih2 kain ni..THANX to Nyorq,Yong & Nabe;)
Time: around 5pm till midnite, Venue: Ingress Auto BMW, Damansara.
Head to Sunway,joined my photo-buddy to Ingress Auto BMW. Member ajak,pegi jela kan;D (bleh la nak belajar sket2,as a back-up since his close buddy tengah mengelupur aritu;p)..The owner are launching the new showroom and held its first official opening ceremony. It started around 7pm,with the guests arrival and VVIPs.Macam biasala, ade n drinks:yummylicious! and all went WELL!..Takmo citer panjang lebar…Let those piccies tell u the story  q(^_^)p





~20th April ’08~
Borak-borak santai at kopitiam inside Berjaya Times Square before sent off Yong to Puduraya and finally, headed back to Kajang;)
Enjoy ur coming weekend peeps !!(^_<)!!