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..boom boom..
July 19, 2009, 6:26 pm
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My Dear Pitstop,
1. Sorry for neglecting you for quite some time, and alhamdulillah, i have my mood to write back and move on:) To quote from JJ & Rudy from, ”If life gives you a lemon, make it a lemonade”.
2. Said that i wanna upload nyorq & irfan’s wedding pics from my prev post,but it was postponed(banyak kali [-_-]) due to unforeseen circumstances..heheh,exaggerating nih;p so,here they are..TADAAA!! tho,mostly are candid moments 😉

 nyorq1 copy

 nyorq2 copy

nyorq4 copy

nyorq&irfan copy

2gether copy

irfan copy

sanding copy

3. Alhamdulillah again,everything went smoothly, and thank you to Lina & Hairey…we had the chemistry,heheh;p i had fun shooting and to witness their solemnization and reception  q^_^p Terima kasih tak terhingga kepada keluarga Lina, dan ampun maaf jika ade sebarang kekurangan.

8R horizontal.1

8R horizontal.2

Untitled-3 copy

Untitled-2 copy

Untitled-1 copy

4. Owh, Pitstop! u know what…while i was browsing around Giant Kelana Jaya, my fast-walking paces suddenly stopped, and my eyes immediately drawn to these Lovely Lace’s baby gowns,hung on the wall (*^_^*)…ohhh,my!!…cair hati dan tak larat bile gown2 comel yang kalerr-FULL bergantungan. I changed my direction to LL, and have a look at all these gowns, and i thot to myself, i should buy these for Raisya…also the cute hair-band with d’lovely rose-buds 🙂 Lucky me, it was on sale..and why not, i should spend some for my lovely soon-to-be-one-year-old niece!Tak rugi pun,heheh! Rayyan, nanti Usu-Lin beli something for u,okayy!^o^!

Untitled-1 copy

Untitled-2 copy

 Untitled-3 copy

Untitled-4 copy

5. I couldn’t think of any suitable title for this post, so i simply put ”boom,boom”, which is the term used when u’re water-rafting:) CC organized a trip to Gopeng for our company trip..and yess, it was water-rafting at Sungai Kampar!! Superbly FUN FUN FUN!Although, i nearly drowned, at 2nd or 3rd rapid, lupe doh! ;p My legs were still inside the raft,and my hands held tightly on the rope.Thank you to my team, and our guide, Jayzee.Our rafting was a Class III,good for beginner,7km length, and if i’m not mistaken laa…14 rapids. Kebetulan, water level pun OK,tapi kalo pegi ujung tahun, air lagi deras dan lagi dalam,which is more challenging. I should go there again, next time ^_^.

Untitled-2 copy

Untitled-1 copy

Untitled-3 copy

6. I’ve had the chance witnessed a burnt-car on my way to Jenjarum end of May..’twas a month and a half ago.Never in my life, i’ve seen such an unfortunate incident. I took the opportunity to take few shots. My right hand keep clicking the shutter button, while my left hand controlled the steering. Susah jugaklah (-_-) Could this happened to us, if we forgot to close the fuel tank’s lid?Hmm,just wondering….

Untitled-1 copy

Untitled-2 copy

Haisshhh, Monday’s coming, the day i hate..
It’s almost 3am and i’m already late to bed…
Hope that i have a good nite sleep,till then Good Nite! ehh,Good Morning ;p

~kepenatan..tetapi hati tetap girang dan seronok ^_^~
June 21, 2009, 4:16 pm
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1. Yeaa, saya baru balik dari Penang arini. Saja mahu bertukar angin dan matlamat utamanya adalah untuk menghadiri majlis resepsi Umi dan Irfan 🙂 Mereka sangat comel, Umi sangat lawa! Irfan pulak sangat cool!I’ll upload the pics later…
2. Walaupun secara fizikalnya tengah penat, hati masih dan tetap girang,ihihi 🙂 Kenapa? Sebab dapat bertemu rakan taulan di Penang..lepak2, jalan2, makan2…shopping 🙂 thank u Yong, Neynarre, Cik Yang and Peah ^^
3. Hati berbunga2 bile rakan skolah rendah menegur saya di stesen komuter kajang setelah sekian lama tidak bertemu 😛 ihihihi, memang sangat penat..bahu terasa letih sebab menggalas begpack,tangan kiri menjinjing beg kamera, tangan kanan beg laptop pulak (-_-)…hmm, i’ll buy one that could fit my lappy n camera too someday (in the future),insyaAllah:) Owh, back to the main point..kenapakah hati berbunga2? heheh, sebab die adalah my long time ”crush”..tak sangka plak bertemu dan bertegur sapa di stesen komuter kajang, even tho we’re living in the same area :p
Last but not least, eventho i’m not celebrating it today or in the future..still wanna wish, ”Selamat Hari Bapa” kepada bapa2 sekalian dan yang bakal menjadi bapa kelak ^_^

well,today was not a real UMPHH day for me (-_-)..
June 6, 2009, 5:50 pm
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1. I totally forgot to close my fuel tank’s lid, (it completely slipped my mind after i took off the nozzle)..also, the pump attendant (in my opinion) was not really friendly enough like the other pump stations i’ve been to before 😦 what i meant was not really friendly is, no greeting at all, and yeah, no smiley greeting face. Haishh, no, i don’t and won’t blame him. (Kalau la aku dah siap2 isi minyak smlm lg before gi Jenjarum arini..sure this won’t happen).My mind was like OOF~OutOfFocus, it’s not where it was supposed to be..felt like it has slipped into another world. I’ve lost my concentration (at this point)…
Thank you to an uncle whose driving a Mercedes. He was honking his car from my left side, and at first i thought he was gonna overtake me (i was like…laaa, nak potong, potong jela..apsal nak hon2 keter plak..dah la tu, potong ikut tepi jalan).I was on the left side of the road at that time. He was kind enough in his own way to warn me 😉  
2.  Hmm, how i’m gonna write’s more to when ur working with customer..we (my customer and I)both must co-operate with each other, no matter what it is..if a customer is not co-operative at all, i just feel incomplete towards my job, and seriously, i don’t like forcing people..Oh, well!! Lesson’s learnt ;p Abang Din, thank you for listening(errr..reading to be precise,heheh, it’s tru our YM chat) and will keep that advice in mind (^^)
3.  All of a sudden, my car rang its alarm sound after i turned off the ignition key ;p (Humm, sebenarnye tak tau ape puncanye).At first, i wasn’t aware it was mine, but after i got out from the car, and at that point..”Eh, laaa..keter aku rupenye”…hahah! i’m totally blur and tired (plus, a lil bit embarassed ;D) after driving back from Jenjarum today.Of course, people who were dining at KFC Balakong (yess, tetibe rase nak mkn KFC time tu,heheh:D), their eyes were all focused to my car, ihihihi 🙂 Why? cause, the noisy alarm sounded for like a few minutes,lol! I wasn’t sure enough, how it’d happened..
All i know is that..i was totally calm, and just relaxed, trying to figure out how to stop the alarm,heheh;p It lasted for like 5mins ( i guessed so ;p). Yet, they still keep looking at me when i made my entrance to the KFC..I don’t care, as long as i could have my KFC-dinner tonite 😉

IMG_2570 copy copy

Haishhhh!! I hope and wished that; tomorrow’s gonna be a better day..insyaAllah 🙂
~Just take one step at a time~
Enjoy ur Sunday everyone ^_^p

..i was emotionLESS on the outside..
May 24, 2009, 4:31 pm
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1. When the interviewer told me n another interviewee, that they won’t accept any applicants who have studied abroad, and it’s their policy..sighed,deep down inside, i was truly frustrated (-_-). Saya tanak bagitau institusi mane, tapi itulah polisi mereka 😦 ”Ini special case, tapi saya panggil jugak kamu untuk interview.Saya kesian kat kamu, result bagus dah (dalam ati,cukup2 makan je tu,ihihihi;p)..Saya memang tak boleh buat apa2, apa yang saya boleh advise is, awak cuba buat surat rayuan dulu”..
Naaaah, should i write one??Hmm, i’ve waited my turn for about 5hours tauu!!! (-_-)..siap terlena lagi, and turned out, it took only 15-20mins to end. 
2.  When people asking me when i’m gonna get married whenever i attend any wedding receptions. I’ve my well-prepared answer tho,ngeheheh ;p Friends who know me well, would know what’s my status and they won’t dare to pissing me off with that kind of question. Afterall..ini soalan standard, sume org akan tanya,hehehe;p
BUT…I wasn’t emotionLESS when i dropped by at Yanna’s crib to say hello to her lil twin(’twas 2weeks ago). They are sooooo cute and cuddly!! 🙂 Wished i have a baby,hihihi ^_^p 

smiling irah

lil feet

Untitled-2 copy

Untitled-3 copy

talking ’bout opportunities..
May 4, 2009, 3:31 pm
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1. A year ago..i’ve been offered to go for an interview to work abroad (well, back then i was interested to have a go for it^_^) but then,when the agent told me that if u’re hired, u’ll have to prepare all the necessary stuffs laa (iaitu passport, visa etc..) in 2 weeks time (sangat cepat ok! dan masa tu, baru je balik sini for good..nak la rilek2 dulu kan,heheh;p)..Plus, the job task itself is more to color-related stuff,and yes i dunno which factory yet (if u don’t confirm yet whether to say ‘yes’ for the interview,the agent won’t reveal whom u’ll be working with).The reason i was thrilled,heheh..because of the job task itself:)  saya sgt suka pada warna!! But,alas…pikir punye pikir..i’ve to say ‘No’. Apela kan! Tapi takpela, ade hikmah sebenarnye  kan^_^ 
2. Ever since, i came back here for good:).. i started to buy a DSLR (back then,gune compact camera je:p.. 3mega pixel,LOL!!!).. also,getting to know a few camera friends. Apart learning a bit from them,i tried learning it..IT meaning learn to know technically,how-to, etc by MYSELF..from where? Of course, Google and other Photography sites:) OK,let’s get back to the main point,hahaha! Ounis, my senior has requested me (yess,me!!) to be his official photographer for groom’s was held at bandar Jengka. I took his offer,and it means that i dare to take this opportunity,try to expand my skill and knowledge (below are few pics for your pleasure view ^_^). Hmm,well,please be acknowledged that i’m still a novice photographer, lotsa to learn..especially in art of directing people..”Ounis,pose mcm ni, Yana..senyum manja ok,rilek..jgn nmpk gigi,” blablabla n so on ;p ..I only shoot wedding if you want me to be your wedding photographer:) far, i don’t do it as my part-time la..why?there’s lots of reasons..and i’m not going to list them all down here,hehe! To be honest, this is my 3rd job..the 1st one was my Srikandi friend (which is, i have to admit to myself..the output was not really inspiring,but..hey!it’s ur first time gal..u’ve got to be proud of it..heheh!),and 2nd one,Srikandi friend also..her engagement day(not bad tho!):) See.. i told ya!! saya hanya amik wedding untuk kawan2 yang saya knal je:p..but if you want to, u can contact me for further details,hahaha ^_^p








3. Owhh, i took the GOLDEN opportunity not to work on the 4th till 6th May,heheh! (amik cuti la,bukannye ponteng keje)..Jangan jeles,ok! Why?sebabnye..i’ve been working on Public Holidays early this year till Labour Day!Don’t be surprised lorr;p I support Japan mainly, and they’re on leave’s Golden Week.. Ape itu Golden Week? pegi Google la,hehe! i’m lazy to write and explain it here;p I’m not going anywhere else pun..i’d spent my weekend with my galfrens and their kids too…kak long n his lil bro,puya n baby ammar & aya n baby aryan ^_^ at Ikea,borak2..Sunday? watched Wolverine with kak fida n the gang:) Monday 4th…rilek~!!! till 6th,yeayyyy!!! owhh, gotta go pick up Ounis’s wedding printouts and album..hehe! 
 Kesimpulannye kan…grab all the opportunities while u can,heheh! but one at a time..jangan tamak haloba ;p
*Note that, from now on, i’m gonna write in form of snippets,ala-ala CheDet:)..easier, plus i’m not real good in writing long essay,heheh!..cerita pendek would be just nice for me,who is damn lazy to updating her blog..

…sekarang ‘Sound Bites’…
March 12, 2009, 12:32 pm
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1. Barulah saya tahu (selepas melayari ruang Che Det arini dan membaca entry2 beliau yang saya dah tertinggal ), rupa-rupa nye,perkataan ‘Snippets’ telah digantikan dengan ‘Sound Bites’ atau dalam Melayu nye, ‘Bunyi Gigit’ 🙂
Menurut apa yang ditulis oleh beliau, ‘Snippets’ hanya terhad kepada media cetak, tapi ‘Sound Bites’ merangkumi semua media (cetak,radio,tv).Hati tergerak untuk ‘google’ maksud sebenar kedua-dua perkataan tersebut dan hasilnya adalah seperti di bawah..
SOUND BITE (from wiktionary);
1. a short, pithy extract from a speech or interview used to add punch to a news or party political boradcast.
2. a one-liner deliberately produced for this purpose.
 *”(In 1990) The ground offensive against Iraq ended after 100 hours,partly out of concern that American troops not occupy an Arab capital,partly because Arab allies feared the disintegration of Iraq and partly because ”100-hour war” made a good sound bite.” – New York Times
SNIPPET (from Cambridge Dictionaries Online);
a small and often interesting piece of news,information or conversation.
 *I heard an interesting snippet on the radio this morning.
* I love listening to snippets of conversation in restaurants.
Blog beliau memang menepati maksud sebenar  ‘snipper’  ‘snippet’ atau ‘sound bite’;)
2. Harga lens sudah mula naik harga (>_<). Baru bercadang-cadang nak beli 70-200 f/2.8 IS.sigh,sigh.Saya telefon Photo Selangor, saja nak tau berapa harganya sekarang. Orang kedai tu cakap harga rm7300 termasuk hood dan sarung.(Aiseh! lupe nak tanya harga termasuk lens filter).Hmm..ada masa lagi nak fikir,heheh! Dan baru telefon satu kedai ;p

~SNIPPETS..ala-ala Che Det :)~
February 25, 2009, 2:16 pm
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1. My early morning filled with laughter …
A***: Rina, u remember M****I? She worked here before u joined in. Then, M’sia was on public holiday at that time,due to election thingy. And she said to me, ”A***, M’sia is holiday today..ERECTION DAY!”
F******: Haa???!!! (sambil gelak besar berterusan:p)
Me: Haa???!!(oso,with surprised look, then continued with gelak besar jugakla,tapi lebih bersopan:D)
R***: Hahaha, kiterang memang tak tahan gelak punye!!
A***: Yeah! we’re like…”What?!! Doesn’t she realize she’s saying it wrongly”
Geli hati betul! Sampai sakit perut gelak,hahaha!
2. My right ankle..or to be more precise,above the arched part is still not fully recovered:( I’ve decided to start jogging today after walk and to jog uphill is OK,but it was terribly painful when it comes to downhill part. 
3. I’m HAPPY..HAPPY..HAPPY !!! Finally my VS package arrived today.Yeayy!:) Selalunye makan mase 2minggu,tapi kali ni cepat betul sampai.I’m satisfied,and i LIKE them!!
4. Happy Birthday to Mak  (^_^) Alhamdulillah, she’s 56 today. May Allah blessed her and our family.
5. Can hardly wait to own 70-200 f/2.8 ;D…well,actually haven’t decided yet..either f/4.0 (which is much cheaper la) OR f/2.8,and of course with IS.
6. My sis-in-law SMS’ed me if i’m interested to join a trip to Jakarta this coming April.Hmm..interesting! Mau joinla 🙂 Tambang pun murah,to-and-fro -> rm82!! Apatah lagi kain lace murah2 dan banyak choice kat sana.Bolehla berpoya2 dan bershopping sakan,hihihi:D
7. I’m a big fan of American Idol,takkan miss punye,hehehe!..tapi malam ni takde plak! kenape ye??
8. Was checking my hotmail..inbox filled with lotsa emails from Rakuten.Stumbled upon this cake (see below pic)..natsukashii na~!^^!  sangat suke kek ni..back in Fukui,i used to buy them whenever i go to COPA or APITA. New York style cheese cake baked in a large rectangular ‘loyang’ and then cut into a stick size,with biscuit based(they are sticked together by just using  butter).YUMMYLICIOUS! So far, tak pernah lagi jumpe kek mcm ni kat sini.Ke dah ade??


9. My ex-roomie back in UM is getting married in 2weeks time. And my bff  is coming oso to her reception which will be held at Dewan Tabung Haji.Can’t wait,can’t wait!! Can catch up 2gether-gether:)
10. Looking forward this coming July…InsyaAllah,if everything goes well,aminnn:)